The other day we reported that Razer was looking to build Project Fiona based on feedback from the community, and last week the gaming peripheral company asked what sort of CPU/GPU configuration that gamers might prefer. Well now that that’s been settled, Razer is asking what sort of price point do gamers feel comfortable paying for such a device. The price points that Razer has offered range from $999-$1,299, to $1,999-$2,499 which we can’t help but feel will net you a pretty decent gaming desktop/laptop. If you’d like to add your opinion or to cast your vote, you can head on over to Razer’s CEO’s Facebook page and leave a comment.

For those unfamiliar, Project Fiona is a concept unveiled by Razer earlier this year at CES. It’s essentially a tablet with two controllers built on each side that come with analog controls and buttons to control the game with. Depending on what Razer ultimately ends up going with, there is a chance it could be powered by an ARM processor, or by an Intel processor that could go up to an i7. So what do you guys think? How much would you be willing to pay for Project Fiona?

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