Streaming live might seem pretty straightforward as turning on your webcam, but if you’ve noticed, the more prominent streamers tend to have much cleaner setups where their cameras are clearer, voices come through a lot better, and the lighting is also pretty good. If you’re looking to improve your stream setup, then Razer might have a couple of new accessories for you.

The company has recently announced a trio of new accessories that are being aimed at streamers. One of which is the Razer Key Light Chroma which are essentially light panels that you aim towards you to give you better lighting. The colors range from cool white to a warm white, and it also supports RGB if that’s your thing.

Users can also program the lights to react to events in your stream, such as subs, donations, and more. Then there is also the Razer Audio Mixer. For users who have XLR microphones, you typically need an audio interface to connect it to before it connects to your PC, and the Razer Audio Mixer will be an option for you.

It allows users to better control their microphone inputs, adds phantom power for microphones that might require more power, and users can also easily mute their mics at a press of a button.

Last but not least is the Razer Seiren BT lapel microphone. This is aimed at users who want a wireless microphone if they happen to be streaming while on the go, but it can also be used with your computer if you have Bluetooth. There is built-in noise-suppression and other customization options.

If you’re keen, the Razer Key Light Chroma is priced at $300, while the Razer Audio Mixer will retail for $250, and the Razer Seiren BT lapel microphone will set you back $100.

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