A couple of years ago, Razer launched the Huntsman Mini keyboard. This was the smallest keyboard Razer launched to date which sports a 60% form factor, meaning that it does away with arrow keys, navigation keys, function key row, and numpad. It’s perfect for users who want a small and compact keyboard.

Now the company has updated its Huntsman Mini with what they are calling analog optical switches. For those who are unfamiliar with mechanical keyboards, they use a mechanism known as a switch for each key. How a regular switch works is when you press down, the legs of the switch press against a metal contact leaf that completes the circuit and registers your key press.

With optical switches, it uses a beam of light instead of a metal leaf contact that’s supposed to be faster. With analog optical switches, gamers will be able to customize and fine tune what each key does when it’s pressed down and how much/how hard it is pressed down. This might be useful in games like racing games where you can control how much your car is accelerating based on how far down you press your key.

While not necessarily that useful for regular work or typing, gamers might be able to appreciate the additional levels of customization. The Razer Huntsman Mini Analog is priced at $150 and can be ordered from Razer’s website.

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