Every smartphone company needs a flagship device in the market to stamp its authority and go head to head with other top-end models. Of course, flagship devices need not necessarily be your best selling model, but we all need the proverbial figurehead in our lives, don’t we? Sony Mobile’s C650X Odin might very well be the flagship smartphone for next year, assuming the Mayan calendar is all out of whack and we still have an earth to call home by then.

I guess the model number naming convention would have seen a revamp by then, with the ST/MT/LT code structure being no longer in place, but rather, having a new five character model number which ought to be the new standard in moving forward. The User-Agent Profile (UAProf) for Sony Mobile’s 2013 flagship has been given the codename ‘Odin’, where it was also accompanied by model numbers C6502, C6503 and C6506. These three represent a single handset, where the last character in each model number would point towards various regions and carriers where they are to be released. We cannot wait for 2013 to come around fast enough, how about you?

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