We’re sure that some of you guys have seen people on the streets sporting those rubber-like bracelets for various causes. In fact to a certain extent, those bracelets have become something of a fashion accessory but wanted to help out a cause and wanted a more functional gift in exchange for doing so, then the 1:Face Watch might be a cause worth checking out. To be specific, the 1:Face Watch from Mirza Minds supports a variety of causes, with the different causes coming in different colors for the watch band.


In the case of the white watch, for every watch purchased, food for 16 children will be provided. Or in the case of the pink watch, for every 14 watches purchased, it will be enough for to provide one mammogram to someone in need. There are six different causes in total, with each supporting a different cause, and with the causes being backed by reputable charities, you can rest assured that your money will be spent wisely. As far as the watches are concerned, they sport a pretty sleek and minimalist interface that does not display the time until a button has been pressed.

The 1:Face Watch is currently an Indiegogo project which means that it will need funding in order to be realized, although at this time of posting it seems that project has well succeeded its initial goal. If you’d like to contribute anyway, head on over to its Indiegogo page for the details.

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