Business cards are pretty obsolete by this point: everyone gets them, and then everyone proceeds to throw them away. What’s much better than a business card (or a matchbook with a phone number scrawled on it “call me”) is timely and upfront social media connections: you’re going to do business? LinkedIn! You’re going to be besties forever? Facebook! That’s where new app inTooch (pronounced “in touch”) comes in: it’s a new app, for iOS and Android, that brings up social media at the first meeting with only a phone number. And what makes it really convenient is that whoever you’re meeting doesn’t need to have the app too, which is usually the flaw that dooms apps like this.


With NFC and similar contact sharing capablilities being a focus of phones like the Galaxy S3, it’s refreshing to see a platform-agnostic app take care of what is one of the cell phone’s primary uses: efficient sharing of contact information. Plus, it’s also innovative: have you ever had such a successful night at the bars that you can’t remember who you met where? There are geotagging features present in inTooch that could jog your memories. However, the app isn’t perfect: it doesn’t run on the iPhone 5 or iOS 6 yet, it won’t come up automatically in iOS, and what it doesn’t isn’t that mucheasierthan simply having a Facebook app, for instance.

If you want to give inTooch a try, it’s available for free fromtheirwebsite.

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