For those who enjoy listening to music with a lot of bass, it would be safe to assume that bass is a high priority for you when you shop for headphones or speakers. Well it seems that even if you have managed to cobble together the bass-iest sound system you could come up with, chances are it will probably pale in comparison to “The Giant Speaker”, which is what a group of students from the University of Wisconsin have named their creation. A group of engineering students decided in the Spring of 2011 to create a subwoofer with a cone that measures 6 feet in diameter.

The materials used for this project wasn’t the best, although given their $600 budget we guess that was to be expected. The driver was made from fiberglass instead of carbon fiber, which is the preferred material of choice. Powered by a 400V DC power supply, the speaker relied on 24 Neodymium magnets to drive it and according to its creators, “The Giant Speaker” managed to run at frequencies between 5Hz to 50Hz. Now despite the fact that we weren’t actually there to hear the subwoofer for ourselves, based on this YouTube recording we can tell that this has some serious bass so if you’d like to get an idea of it, check out the video above.

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