If you feel that your Internet is just too slow at the moment (wait until you go to countries where broadband is still stuck under the 10Mbps range before you complain), then Virgin Media might have the solution for you by launching the Double Your Speeds campaign, fully intending to boost the speeds of 100Mbps customers to 120Mbps. I know, mathematically speaking, that is not exactly doubling up one’s speeds, but Virgin Media figured out that this new tier might end up creating one of the fastest speeds on the continent of Europe.

Virgin Media has already performed upgrades to 40% of its network as part of the enhancement program, and eventually, these improvements should theoretically deliver better support for streaming and entertainment services, in addition to allowing more users to access the Internet simultaneously. At this point in time, Virgin Media delivers speeds of 30Mbps, 60Mbps and up to 100Mb/120Mbps, with the enhancement program being tipped to be completed sometime in summer next year. Our readers over in Europe, what do you think of this effort?

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