superhubVirgin Media, the UK-based ISP, offers its customers with a router-modem combo known as the Superhub at the moment, and in recent times, the Superhub 2ac was also put up for those who would like to experience faster speeds – by forking out more, of course. The differences between the Superhub v2 and the Superhub v2ac are not too many however, as the ac version supports ac WiFi connections in addition to being more suitable for games consoles. Still, it seems that there is a 600Mbps Superhub v3 in the pipeline, where Virgin Media are inviting customers to a hardware trial already.

Customers who are selected will be able to try out the new Superhub v3 before it rolls out officially, where you can say that this is a “soak test” of sorts, since it helps to work out whatever potential kinks there are before an official release which would be an egg on the face situation, no doubt about it.

Just what kind of features does the upcoming Superhub v3 come with? It has been speculated to include 4 x 1000Mbps LAN (with the very real possibility of one of them being WAN), 2 x Telephone Ports, a Coaxial Connector, an On/Off Switch, and DOCSIS 3.1 Support. Ah well, we will find out eventually.

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