“A tree is best measured when it is down,” and this applies to the video game universe as well as you can only tell just how iconic a console is when it is no longer in production. The SNES has proved itself worthy to be in the annals of console classics, and the upcoming Wii U Pro controller pays homage to its predecessor with a SNES makeover.

Newly listed, the Wii U Pro SNES controller would most probably see plenty of sales figures when it is released alongside the Wii U at the end of this year. Right now, it does seem to be limited to EB Games Australia, so we do hope to see more retailers carry the Wii U Pro SNES controller in the near future. Looking like your regular Pro Controller, it sports a classic SNES pad located right below the dual analog sticks. Bear in mind that this is not an officially sanctioned peripheral, so you might want to take into consideration its sturdiness as a third-party pad.

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