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Sony's New DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment Is Impressive
Sony just unveiled a DualShock 4 back button attachment to help gamers play competitive games with ease.The back button attachment makes the controller versatile without hindering the experience.The attachment includes two tactile programmable buttons to help you make the most of your controller.Of course, not everyone will like the addition – but for most of the users, it should come in handy.In the press release, Sony also mentioned that the […]

New Nintendo Character Themed Controllers Headed For Wii U
It seems as though those who are not too pleased with what their current Wii U controllers offer will be able to check out just what these upcoming ones will be like – since they will arrive in the form of Nintendo character themes, and will look as though it is meant for use with the Nintendo GameCube instead. Right now as you read this, Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach and […]

NES30 Bluetooth Controller Rolls Back The Clock
There is nothing quite like rolling back the years when it comes to thinking of the pleasant memories of the yesteryears. Well, NES games have definitely shaped a generation of gamers who grew up around the grey box in living rooms all over the world, and with that, it would surely be not too difficult to look fondly upon the NES30 Bluetooth controller.

Microsoft Reveals Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Controller
When it comes to gaming peripherals, there are many different manufacturers to choose from, and from there, a slew of various models for you to pick as well. There are times when hardware manufacturers roll out a special version or limited edition of a particular device, and Microsoft has done this exactly with the revealing of a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare controller.


Custom Xbox 360 Gears Of War Controller
I know that it is about time we stop talking about the Xbox 360, after taking into consideration that the Xbox One and Sony PS4 are now the current generation consoles to look forward to with each game release. Still, there are plenty of people who are rocking to the previous generation Xbox, and if you know someone who has yet to make the jump to the Xbox One from […]

ZowPow Plush Toy Controller Targets Kids
Kids these days can be said to be exposed to extremely sophisticated devices and toys right from an extremely young age, so much so when you pass them a piece of paper and some crayons, they look at you bluntly, wondering why the “stylus” leaves a mark on the “screen” which cannot be turned on. All right, I might be exaggerating here, but you get the idea. Technology has more […]

PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controllers Get Magma Red And Wave Blue Colors
Do you think that Sony has the upper hand in the next generation console war when it goes up head to head with Microsoft’s Xbox One? For fans of the Sony gaming console, you will be pleased to hear that the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controllers has just received a couple of color customizations – namely “Magma Red” and “Wave Blue” which will see the black grip material of the […]

Xbox One Controller Plays Nice With PC In 2014
The next generation console from Microsoft, which is known as the Xbox One, has run into its fair share of controversies even before it has hit the market – mostly due to policy changes and what not. Well, here we are with word that the Xbox One controller will boast of a bunch of small improvements compared to the original Xbox 360 controller, but ultimately, as long as the newer […]

Xbox 360 Controller Goes Gold, Literally
Yes, I am quite sure that many of you out there are already hankering after the recently announced Xbox One, while some others who prefer not to be divided right down the middle have settled to place a pre-order not only for Microsoft’s upcoming next generation console, but also for Sony’s future PS4, in order to enjoy the best of both worlds. Does this mean that the current Xbox 360 […]

Xbox One Controller Taken Apart Already?
The Xbox One controller was allegedly taken apart.

Custom Katamari Controller Uses Yoga Ball To Offer New Way To Play
A custom Katamari Damacy controller was introduced in London which lets players interact with the game in a new way.

Logitech Game Controller For iPhone Spotted In The Wild
Logitech's Apple gaming controller spotted in the wild.

Xbox One Controller Will Last 10 Years Or More Of Punishment
Microsoft reports its Xbox One controller will last for 10 or more years of your button-mashing abuse.

Reactive Grip Motion Controller Delivers Highly-Accurate Feedback
As gaming console become more advanced, we’re seeing the big three companies provide some sort of motion-based controller system with their consoles, which Nintendo started with its Wii. Both the Wii controller and PS Move provide some sort of feedback when held, but what if they could advance to a point where you’re given an amount of feedback that felt incredibly real?Palmer Luckey created the Reactive Grip and showed it […]

Tomb Raider Limited Edition Xbox 360 Controller Priced
Tomb Raider fans are eagerly awaiting for March 5th when Tomb Raider Rebooted will be launched. Alongside the game, fans can also get their hands on limited edition Xbox 360 controllers. Available for pre-orders from the Xbox website and priced at $59.99, the blood-red controller was first revealed at the Consumer Trade Show 2013 in Las Vegas. Microsoft’s Major Nelson had said, “Developed in collaboration with artists at Crystal Dynamics, […]

Ouya Controller Revamped
Good news, gamers! If you thought that companies rarely listen to their customers, things have definitely changed for the better with the advent of more awareness among the customers, and word of mouth via the Internet has proven itself to be a venerable tour de force, too. Those who figured out that the Ouya console’s controller did not seem as though it will be up to snuff when released will […]

God Of War 3: Ascension DualShock 3 Controller Coming Your Way
If you are all for limited edition gaming peripherals, then you would surely fall in love with what we are about to announce, assuming you are a God of War fan as well. Sony Australia has revealed that there is a limited edition God of War DualShock 3 controller which will be released alongside God Of War 3: Ascension later this March. Yesterday, we tackled news concerning the beta version […]

Wii U Pro controller gets a SNES flashback
“A tree is best measured when it is down,” and this applies to the video game universe as well as you can only tell just how iconic a console is when it is no longer in production. The SNES has proved itself worthy to be in the annals of console classics, and the upcoming Wii U Pro controller pays homage to its predecessor with a SNES makeover. Newly listed, the […]

Thumb-stretching controller spices up the video game experience
Some researchers over at the University of Utah have come up with a new type of video game controller that makes use of thumbsticks that are called “tactors”. Instead of having the whole controller vibrate – like we currently have now, these tactors provide a new sensation when you’re playing a game. They move independently from the regular joysticks and are said to provide a feeling similar to “what you […]

TurboFire EVO controller hits the FCC
Xbox 360 owners, you might soon have something worth bragging about compared to your Nintendo loving friends. Sure, they are going to go all out and purchase the Nintendo Wii U which will sport a display on the controller itself, which by the way is not the most original idea to date since the Sega Dreamcast already had such an attachment in the past. But I digress in this case […]