Designers Je Sung Park and Woo Jung Kwon must have gotten sick and tired of using an umbrella that gets blown apart in extremely strong winds, and are unable to make you look cool. After all, umbrella designs have remained largely unchanged over the years, but perhaps there is a reason to that – you simply do not fix what is not broken. Well, the two enterprising designers from South Korea have come up with a rather unique idea for a modern day umbrella that features nothing but a handle. Calling it the Air Umbrella, this is but a simple electronic device which will take in air from the bottom of the controller, sending jets of air out at the top in order to create an air curtain which repels raindrops.

It does sound like a, er, sound idea, and you can even manually adjust the power of the air which is pushed through the holes depending on the rain you’re getting, but won’t such a device require a tremendous amount of power to get going, and will the engine that creates this air motion be extremely loud and noisy?

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