When China sneezes, the whole world ought to sit up and take notice. After all, they do have the most people in the world as a country, and are right now the second largest economy in the world after the US, with predictions of them overhauling the US in the near future. Well, Google has done well to position themselves in this country, having increased the market share of their Android operating system to a whopping 90%, now how about that? This figure was furnished by the latest report by Analysis International, and it is most likely that Android’s market share is even higher than 90% since analysts did not take numerous knock-off Android devices into consideration.

To get an idea on how far Android has grown in just a year, their Chinese share last year was a mere 58.2%, meaning Symbian proved to be the biggest loser in that part of the world, while the iPhone has also lost their market share – holding a mere 4.2% of the market compared to 6% from last year. However, bear in mind that with China blocking many of Google’s services, this does not mean the rise of the machines, so to speak, would help Google make great inroads on China.

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