AT&T logoAT&T, or Ma Bell as some like to call it, has picked up yet another gong that it would definitely shun to win, which is being selected as the worst-rated carrier in the US yet again. In fact, AT&T has fallen so far behind the leading major carrier, Verizon Wireless, who actually picked up honors when it came to voice and data services, at least according to a new Consumer Reports study.

The past couple of years saw AT&T arrive dead last, but you know what they say – there is a silver lining in every dark cloud, and AT&T’s silver lining would be its 4G LTE network that actually proved to beat out Verizon in 2012. This is a good stepping stone for AT&T to make sure that they continue to work on improving their services. After all, where else can you go but up when you have hit rock bottom? Of course, remaining right down in the pits is an option, but not something you would want to do, right? Here’s to AT&T cleaning up their act.

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