Big boys’ toys, now that is the dream that many of us men have when we first graduate and get a job, until we realize that the only way to make tons of money the legal way is through business and not working for someone else. The C-Explorer 5 personal submarine could be said to be one of the more unique modes of transportation you can afford if you are a tycoon, where it comes with five comfortable seats, an air conditioning system and an optional iPad controlled audio system.

Thanks to U-Boat Worx of the Netherlands who built and designed it, the C-Explorer 5 is by far and large the most spacious and comfortable sub from their catalogue, but the asking price of $2.4 million each would definitely mean it is available only to a select few. Sporting a depth rating of more than 325 yards, the C-Explorer comes with a powerful LED lighting system, but there are no built-in lasers to protect you from zombie sharks underwater.

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