Saying that Google is a big company might seem like an understatement – after all they own Android, one of the most popular smartphone platforms in the market at the moment, YouTube, Gmail, Google+ and let’s not forget their core competency, a search engine which is so popular that it has been used as a verb in everyday conversation. But could it be that Google is becoming too big and possibly anti-competitive? While that is certainly up for debate, the Consumer Watchdog has recently filed a letter with the FTC where they are apparently asking the government to file a lawsuit against Google in hopes that it will result in Google dismantling its business into separate entities.

To be more specific, the Consumer Watchdog is hoping that the FTC will force Google to divest its Motorola Mobility unit whose sale was finally approved earlier this year. They also claim that Google’s Gmail, Google+ and YouTube services should be spun off and that Google’s search engine should be separated from where Google provides its own content. We’re not sure if the Consumer Watchdog will be successful in their request, but what do you guys think?

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