When it comes to lawsuits against Samsung, it looks like Apple isn’t the only one after the Korean company for alleged patent infringements. Ericsson has recently filed a lawsuit against Samsung in the US for alleged patent infringement, which seemingly could have been avoided had Ericsson and Samsung manage to arrive at successful negotiations regarding the renewal of a FRAND patent licensing agreement. While the specifics of the patents involved were not revealed, Ericsson has stated that the patents in question are part of “a crucial system for technology sharing that has helped create today’s mass market communications industry”

According to Ericsson, it seems that both companies have been at the negotiating table for the past two years, and when Ericsson offered to license the patents for a third time (first and second times were in 2001 and 2007 respectively), Samsung apparently refused to the terms. TechCrunch assumes that this is because the new terms could be more expensive that Samsung would have liked or agreed to, but according to Ericsson, the terms offered to Samsung were the same that was offered to its competitors.

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