Word has it that there is a system-wide bug found in Apple’s iOS 6.0.0 AV Foundation framework which was actually the culprit for triggering multiple downloads of streaming media, where among these include podcasts, over Wi-Fi and cellular networks, and the result of this would be massive data bills assuming one is not on an unlimited data plan. Public Radio Exchange Labs (PRX) laid claim to discovering this problem after researching an unusually high spike in download traffic.

PRX claims that there is an issue in iOS 6 Audio Playback frameworks, where the same file is downloaded multiple times, but here is one word of relief and comfort – this issue seemed to have been resolved in iOS 6.0.1 and 6.1 beta. I guess it goes without saying that if you happen to own a device that still runs on iOS 6.0, you might as well make the upgrade to the operating system, unless you want to be surprised by a bill shock at the end of the month. Strange how Apple never mentioned a beep about this flaw, although the company’s non-apologetic behavior might make this sound not that strange after all.

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