It was pretty big news a few days ago when it was announced that Apple had let Scott Forstall go, and that Jony Ive would now be in charge of designing iOS. Given Ive’s success with designing Apple’s products so far, we can only imagine what he might have planned for iOS, especially with his taste in minimalist designs and clean interfaces, versus Forstall’s taste in skeumorphic design. That being said if we were to expect a major revamp in design for iOS, we might have to wait until iOS 7 but until then, designer Max Rudberg has come up with a concept video in which he imagines how iOS 7 could look like.

Basically what he has come up with is how icons in iOS can be expanded multiple times, with each expansion to offer more information compared to the previous one. For example an icon could be expanded from its original size to display more information, such as the clock icon being expanded to display the various alarms set, or the Settings icon expanded to include a brightness slider, WiFi toggle and etc.

It is a pretty interesting idea and we know that many iOS users have been asking for widgets to be included in the past, but will we see it implemented in iOS 7? We guess only time will tell, but until then check out the video above and let us know what you think!

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