It is not everyday that we chance upon a pro camcorder, but today is one of those days, and it will be Panasonic who steps up to the plate this time around with an updated version of the AG-AF105 model. We are referring to the Panasonic AG-AF105A pro camcorder, where it will enable you to output 10-bit HD video via the live view SDI port to an external recorder, which in turn will boost the color range to a billion hues as well as 1024 shades of grey. Apart from that, it ought to solve one of the main problems concerning the previous 8-bit camcorder which by the way, does not come cheap at all.

We’re talking about $10,000 here, The updated model will also offer a new PS recording mode with 25Mbps data rate, full HD progressive modes (1080/60p, 1080/50p), higher fidelity 16 bit LPCM audio and enlarged focus assist. It will arrive on shelves this coming November 15th in the Land of the Rising Sun, so folks who live outside of Japan might have to import one if they want one, as there has been no mention of an international date until now. Perhaps you know a friend or two who lives in Japan and would want to act as an intermediary on your behalf?

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