UPDATE 1 (6:03PM EST): There’s another machine in Pennsylvania doing the exact same thing. 

This morning, Reddit user centralpavoter posted a video that purported to show a malfunctioning voting machine in Pennsylvania, a key “swing” state. But the most concerning part of the video (embedded after the jump) is that it showed someone repeatedly trying to vote for Obama on a digital touchscreen, but the computer instead locks in a vote for Mitt Romney. This is in the same state that had several long-running court cases surrounding voter intimidation and suppression  We got confirmation from MSNBC that the machine was in fact not working, and that it was pulled. Now, Mother Jones is reporting that Matthew Keeler, spokesman for Pennslyvania, said state workers “recalibrated” the machine and it’s back in service. They couldn’t pull the most famous malfunctioning voting machine in America out of service just for today?

If you want to see the original video, it’s embedded below. If you want to read the full Reddit thread where the video was first posted, it’s here. And if you want to read more about this misbehaving machine, it’s all over the internet. Also embedded below is the Simpsons satire where this exact thing happened.

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