Some of us like to wear hats, while others absolutely loathe the idea of having something that stifling on the head, which will most probably choke up your store of ideas. The Queen of England, however, has a delightful collection of hats, and she does not seem to leave home (palace here being the more appropriate word) without one. Well, Younghui Kim and Yejin Cho have come up with this rather interesting looking Pixel LED Hat that they have dubbed the “Gravity of Light”, where this beautiful interactive wearable was inspired by the simple concept of light having gravity akin to water.

When one takes the first look, the Pixel LED Hat does seem to resemble that of a Macramé hat which is fabricated using 3D printing technologies. Individual “knots” is actually an illuminated pixel which will respond to a tilt of the head. Definitely something that you might want to consider wearing to a fancy dress party the next time around, but we do not think that it is easily available and mass produced soon.

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