Sony will be rolling out the PS Vita firmware 2.0 update tomorrow (for folks living in Europe, you will have to hold out your patience for an extra day), where one of the biggest changes would be a drastically improved web browsing experience. To be more exact, it seems that the browser itself will come with a “small app”, allowing you to use it while you play games, without requiring you to quit your game at that point in time. Not only that, the entire browsing experience itself will also be a whole lot speedier. Last but not least, we do know that PlayStation Plus, too, will roll out alongside the update, and this translates to “free” games for you – with other features thrown into the mix, of course. By the way, if you are a PS Vita owner, are you still rocking on to your PS Vita, or is it lost somewhere in your home, gathering colonies of dust bunnies along the way?


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