If you are one who does plenty of traveling, especially when you cross not only continents but time zones, then your body would certainly experience the phenomenon known as jet lag. Here is a commercial device known as the Re-Timer which might help reset your body’s internal clock so that the necessary evil known as jet lag can have its effects minimized. Not only that, wearing the Re-Timer which emits a soft green light onto the eyes of the wearer is said to improve the alertness levels of shift workers, while making the entire “getting up and out of bed” routine a whole lot easier during the mornings.


The Re-Timer basically mimics the benefits of sunlight, relying on light to stimulate a segment of the brain which is responsible for regulating our 24-hour body clock. You will have to wear the Re-Timer like a pair of sunnies, except that in this case, it will emit light instead of block it. Working on the back of more than two decades’ of research, the Re-Timer is said to be the only wearable device that emits the correct wavelength in light therapy, and it is touted to be more effective in the treatment of altering sleeping patterns compared to drug alternatives.

Weighing in at 75 grams, the Re-Timer will retail for around $260 when available.

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