Back in the good old days of the Nokia 3310, battery life on mobile devices was never really a big issue. Phones could be used for days on end, even weeks with minimal use, but with our smartphones these days featuring 4G LTE connectivity, displays with high resolution and amazing colors, and the ability to run 3D games, having your smartphone last you one full day is considered to be good already. Well if you think that’s not good enough and think that our batteries should last much longer, you might be interested to learn that startup company, Eta Devices, has claimed to have solved a power efficiency problem that is decades old.

Both the company’s founders claim to have invented a new power amplifier design that will apparently double the battery life on popular electronic devices, such as smartphones. Eta devices is hoping to make their technology commercially available in the beginning of next year in LTE base stations before scaling down their technology to microchips. Unfortunately this doesn’t really give us a date as to when we can expect to see this technology in our smartphones, but if Eta Devices is successful, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

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