If you thought that your parents were being unreasonable, asking you to call them when you have arrived at the prom, and arriving at the hotel or prom venue when the event is over, perhaps you might want to head on to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and live there as a female for a month to truly appreciate the kind of freedom you have here. For the longest time, women in Saudi Arabia cannot travel without consent from their male guardians and are unable to drive, and the latest development shackles them even more. It seems that women there are being monitored by an electronic system, where it is capable of tracking any cross-border movements to ensure that all the ladies and perhaps, one’s harem remain where they should.

As of last week, Saudi women’s male guardians started to receive text messages on their handsets, where these messages will reveal the location of the women under their custody should they happen to leave the country. Of course, it is all good and well if you are traveling with them, but if you are at the office, thinking that all is well at home, while receiving such a text message, hold on to your beard and think carefully just where they might have gone.

Needless to say, this electronic tracking system of women has received more condemnation in general than approval. What do you think?

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