It seems that a court has slapped a pair of parents with a stalking order, after discovering that they have been stalking their daughter’s phone. In this particular case that concerns 21-year-old Aubrey Ireland, who happened to be musically talented and hence, headed to the University of Cincinnati to further her studies, although without getting any scholarship money. Her parents footed the bill, and they were paranoid enough to leave her alone some 600 miles away from their hometown in Kansas so much so that it ended up with them dropping by unannounced to visit their daughter.

Aubrey claims that her parents would then harass her and throw accusations of her of living a sex-and-drugs-filled life, in addition to sharing those “claims” with her university officials, touting that she has mental problems and requires treatment. Not only that, it seems that they installed tracking software on Aubrey’s phone and computer to gain full access to her communications as well.

This led Aubrey to file a civil stalking order against her parents in September 2012, and for one whole year, her parents cannot come into contact with their daughter. Even the university has hired security to help Aubrey live a normal life as far as it is possible. We hope that her parents would be less paranoid and let their little bird “fly” now that she is an adult.

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