We’ve seen RIM’s upcoming Blackberry 10 L-series handset leak a couple of times, so we guess by now seeing more photos of the handset really isn’t that surprising anymore. That being said, it looks like the most recent leak could be one of the clearest we’ve seen so far, and basically confirms what we’ve seen to date. This leak is also clear enough to give us more details on what the front of the phone looks like, and based on the photo, we are looking at the standard lockscreen for Blackberry 10 which is also present on the Dev Alpha A and/or B devices. The L-series is expected to launch early 2013 and according to recent reports, Blackberry 10 is currently in the carrier testing phase and is reportedly on track for a Q1 release. So far everything we’ve seen looks pretty good, but as to how it handles in the real world and whether it will be well received remains to be seen.

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