We’ve seen some gadgets made out of paper/cardboard before, and if those kinds of novelties are of interest to you, then perhaps the LiteLite could be a gadget you’d like to get your hands on. In case it wasn’t obvious in the photo above, the LiteLite is actually a flashlight that is made out of paper! All the user would have to do is fold it up, attach the battery and the LED and they’re good to go. That and the fact that the LiteLite is made out of paper will allow the light cast from it to be somewhat of a soft and diffused glow which we guess might not be the most practical when searching for things in the dark, but perhaps it has its uses. It’s not the most elegant solution, especially since it requires a rubber band to hold it together, but we guess it could be more of a novelty gadget than an everyday item. In any case if you’re interested in getting your hands on the LiteLite, you can order one for yourself for $29.99, kind of pricey if you ask me.

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