America’s most dysfunctional cartoon family, the Simpsons, is definitely one of my favorite cartoon series to date – and for good reason, of course. The offbeat humor, parody of certain real life characters and situations, and generally the script as well as storyline with characters who seem absolutely real and alive did it for me. I am quite sure the merchandise juggernaut for the Simpsons is a force not to be trifled with, and here we are with the latest edition of The Simpsons USB flash drives.

This new collection of USB flash drives depict all immediate family of the Simpsons – including Homer, Marge, Lisa, and of course, Bart the man, and are produced by Italian company Tribe. Somehow, the size proportion does seem to be a wee bit off compared to the original cartoon characters to me, but it could be just last night’s late night out that has caused me to have less than perfect eyesight and judgment this morning. What do you think – are you willing to fork out your hard earned money for more USB flash drives that you know you will never use, but rather, will display on the desk or display cabinet instead?

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