Usually when we see old Mac computers appear in our news feed, it’s because someone had discovered they had one lying around in their basement and decided to put it up for sale for rather exorbitant prices, which we guess many collectors out there wouldn’t mind paying just to own a piece of history. Rarely, however, have we seen a vintage Mac product that is still running, let alone running on OS X! Alright so maybe that isn’t entirely true, but on first glance we could have been fooled because thanks to a hacker/modder, a Macintosh Portable can be seen running OS X Lion.

Basically what they did was remove the innards of the original Macintosh Portable, leaving its chassis intact, and replacing its internal components with the innards of a Toshiba NB100 inside. After some tweaking and adjusting, what we have is a Macintosh Portable running on OS X Lion, although in all honesty we guess that’s just how it looks on the surface, but still pretty cool nonetheless, right? You can check it out in action in the video above.

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