Ever since HP rolled out the source code for Open webOS, developers have gotten down to work with relish, and some of them have even ported the operating system to different platforms, and one of the more memorable moments was to see it run on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as well as other devices such as the Asus Transformer Prime tablet. Well, who knows, sometime down the road, you might actually be able to run Open webOS on your Android smartphone or tablet without having to reboot. This can mean only one thing, right? Open webOS running in an Android environment without having to reboot would see it exist as apps.

The good people over at Phoenix Devices have been working hard on porting the operating system so that it can run as an Android app, and you can check out the latest demonstration video above to see their latest progress. The Samsung Nexus S was the smartphone of choice to launch an Open webOS app in the Android ecosystem, but the user interface remains extremely slow since there is a lack of support for hardware accelerated graphics. Many other details remain missing, but we are sure they will be in place in due time as work progresses in the right direction.

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