Normally when one performs a firmware update on a piece of hardware, you generally make sure it remains plugged into the power source instead of relying on the internal battery’s charge (where possible), and you do not touch any of the cables hooked up to it until the entire process is done. The thing is, video game industry journalist Ben Fritz unplugged his spanking new Wii U during a firmware update as there was no way to cancel the download and he did not want to wait for the stipulated two hours required to complete the update, resulting in a bricked Wii U. Ah well, at least he can pick up a new one on eBay for more or less the same price.


Not exactly the smartest thing to do, but sometimes, impatience does lead us to do some pretty zany stuff. I am quite sure that one should know by now, if there is some sort of update going on, you do not turn the device off or unplug any connecting cables – just let it run its digital course, and things should be good to go afterwards. Fritz tweeted, “Wii U has stopped functioning before I managed to play a single game.I tried to stop an interminable software update and now… nothing. ”

Fritz isn’t alone in this, as small number of other folks also shared a similar experience with Fritz, but it must be noted that Nintendo of America did warn Wii U owners to “please do not power down or unplug your system while downloading updates. Doing so may cause damage to your Wii U.”

Good thing there is a happy ending to this for Fritz though, as Nintendo of America will be sending him a spanking new Wii U – with the firmware update pre-installed so that Murphy need not strike again.

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