As far as we know, the Nintendo Wii U will be making its way towards America in two weeks or so, hitting our shores this coming November 18th. However, in order to drum up interest in the console and inform every Tom, Dick and Harry with their respective pets that the Nintendo Wii U is looming across a horizon, the old fashioned ritual of showing advertisements need to be in place, so what you see in the YouTube video above is the first official advertisement for Nintendo’s next-gen console. Just what do you make of it – is it something that would tug at your heartstrings, urging you to loosen those purse strings of yours as you continue to mull over whether to translate that savings into a PS4 or Xbox 720 trust fund.

I do wonder whether such advertisements are persuasive enough to sway the one sitting on a fence when it comes to major purchase decisions. I mean, most fans of a particular console will definitely continue down the same road with a next generation model, and it will take some level of convincing to make the switch.

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