It has been drummed into the heads and minds of many, that if you are using pirated software, it is as good as using stolen goods. Assuming you do not want to have any kind of goodwill with Santa this coming Christmas, you might want to find out just how you are able to crack and pirate apps from the Windows Store. It goes without saying, there is no 100% foolproof security measures, and despite Microsoft’s best efforts in ensuring that the Windows Store remains secure, Betanews claims that it has discovered an application which was posted over at My Digital Life which can be used to convert trial applications on the Windows Store into fully paid applications – all with a single press of a button.


This does sound too good to be true, and it sure as heck brings back memories in the past where old school DOS-based games which required a key or passcode to work could be cracked by overwriting the .EXE file of the game itself, which came included on the pirated disc. It seems that the Wsservice_crk has been available for some time already, first appearing on October 30th before it was on the receiving end of a bunch of updates. Apparently, once you have patched some of your system files, you are able to transform free trial applications available on the Store into full versions.

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