Seeing how dominant cable companies have been over the past couple of years with their popular all-in-one packages, especially their high-speed Internet plans, satellite subscribers tend to feel like a more educated group as they take their TV watching more serious and know a good deal when they smell one. But a new price adjustment by DirecTV is set to raise its subscribers’ rates this February, and that doesn’t smell like a good deal to me.

According to a recently released card released by DirecTV, rates will be increasing for the average customer by 4.5 percent on February 7, 2013. The reason for the increase isn’t new technology that allows you to watch any playoff game during a light drizzle, but instead will go towards programming costs which have gone up by eight percent. DirecTV still claims it has managed to keep its annual price increases lower than cable on average.

If an increase like this means we get to have more shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Mad Men, then we’re completely OK with it. Television has come a long way in recent years and even though reality television is still quite popular these days, we do appreciate when actual good television is created and even though no one wants to pay more for anything, a 4.5 percent increase isn’t that bad.

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