Netflix announced the most popular platform for Netflixers, if that’s even a real term to call people who use the service, last week being Sony’s PlayStation 3 even, at times, surpassing the PC as Netflixers go-to video-streaming platform. Today, they took to their blog to rank all ISPs to give you, the consumer, a heads up as to which would be the ideal way to experience Netflix.

It should be no surprise the top spot goes to Google Fiber with an average speed for Netflix streams of 2.55mbps. Rounding out the top three is Verizon FiOS in second place and Comcast in third. Mobile networks place towards the bottom of the list, with AT&T’s mobile service the worst to watch Netflix on with an average of .48mbps.

Netflix plans on releasing a new list every month from now on to educate its customers just how great, or poor, their ISP is delivering Netflix. Although if you have a PlayStation 3 and Google Fiber set up in your home, then we’re sure you’ll be sitting pretty high for a good amount of time.

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