You know that popular saying where if you misbehave, you will find coal in your Christmas stockings instead of gifts? Well it looks like that saying may have somewhat come true for a kid when his mom bought him a Nintendo 3DS from Walmart. Unfortunately instead of receiving a console in the box, what the mom found was that the box was filled with rocks! Apparently the 3DS was bought pre-owned, and unfortunately Walmart employees did not check the contents of the box before reselling it to the unfortunate customer and her child. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of retailers not checking the contents of pre-owned products before selling them, because some of you might recall that last week we reported that a five-year old found his Nintendo 3DS pre-loaded with porn that the previous owner forgot to delete, and where employees at Gamestop did not check before it went back on sale. Unsurprisingly Walmart as a token of their apology gave the mom a brand new 3DS in return. While there’s nothing wrong with buying items pre-owned, we guess it doesn’t hurt to make sure what you’re buying is the genuine article.

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