Virtual keyboards are just as important as physical keyboards, especially with our devices being mostly touchscreen these days. Now Blackberry has been known for featuring excellent physical keyboards, but how will RIM handle the virtual keyboard? Will it be just as good, or even better? In a new video released by RIM, Vivek Bhardwaj gives a tour of the new Blackberry 10 keyboard, highlighting its design which mimics the physical ones found on current Blackberry devices, and some of its features. Rather interestingly is a feature he points out which basically if you’re a fast or clumsy typer or misses the spacebar occasionally, the Blackberry 10 keyboard can detect that and will automatically insert spaces between words for you so that you can keep typing without interruption, a feature he is calling “space inference”. Sounds pretty cool and if you’d like to learn more about Blackberry 10’s virtual keyboard, check out the video above.

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