The Nasdaq 100 that is the US index of top performing non-financial companies has decided to give the boot to RIM, Netflix and Electronic Arts, considering how the three companies’ fortunes did not perform as expected, but rather, decided to plummet along the way. Facebook, however, managed to squeeze its way onto the list. This would not come as much surprise for RIM, considering how their problems are well documented, but the company does seem to have a pretty decent comeback plan that has garnered its fair share of interest in the form of BlackBerry 10, a new OS with plans for new hardware rolling out as well.

Netflix has not been doing too well with its DVD operation and failed to land a content deal with HBO, but it is still afloat and operational, although don’t expect it to be a tech darling that one would put money down for without second thoughts. As for Electronic Arts, they have been investing a lot of money into Star Wars: The Old Republic, a project that could be potentially lucrative, so to see it drop from Nasdaq’s top list is not quite a disaster – yet. Do you think RIM would be able to bounce back?

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