With tablets slowly replacing the need for physical books, it is possible that one day tablets or similar devices could even replace the humble notepad which has been used in schools and businesses alike. Granted we can use our tablets to do note taking, but sometimes using a pen to jot down a quick note might actually prove faster than typing it out, especially on a virtual keyboard. Well the folks at Sharp have announced that they might have a solution in the form of the Digital Note, a 6” digital notepad that the Japanese company claims provides 60 hours of use before requiring a full recharge. Considering that it only features a monochrome LCD display, we expect that the claims of 60 hours could be true.

The Digital Note will also come with an accompanying stylus, allowing the user to write down notes the same way they would with a pen. Sharp also plans to release different templates that users can install on the Digital Note, such as transforming the background into a notepad, or a blank slate, or it could even be used to chart graphs. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, unfortunately Sharp claims that they have no plans to launch it outside of Japan where it will retail for $178. While seemingly affordable, it will still compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire (basic version) which goes for $152.

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