In this day and age, the word “AIDS” is no longer taboo, and with the right amount of cash and medical care, you can more or less manage the disease for a long time, such as Magic Johnson. Well, in order to raise more awareness about HIV/AIDS and with hopes of creating an AIDS-free generation, a spanking new social-media campaign has begun to show tweets on a Times Square billboard as part of an interactive art installation in midtown Manhattan.


Whenever you send a tweet with the hashtag #ArchesofHope, your tweet will automatically be in the running to be part of an LED ticker tape as seen above, where it will subsequently be beamed onto jumbo screens located in Times Square. This campaign is a collaboration between Lifebeat and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation.

Campaign spokesperson Sandra “Pepa” Denton, of “Salt-N-Pepa” fame said, “This is where we’re at, it’s all about social media. We’re trying to promote safe sex and getting tests since that’s not being talked about in the schools or the church or probably for some at home. We encourage everyone to start tweeting and getting the message out.”

It is nice to see technology cross lines with so many other industries, and I’m saying this in a good way.

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