[CES 2013] Buffalo is coming up with a couple of new WiFi 11ac routers named Buffalo WZR-1750DHP ($179) and Buffalo WZR-1166DHP ($149). From what we understand, they look very much like the current Buffalo WZR-D1800H in terms of features and performance. However, they will come with Buffalo’s new user interface which makes the most used features (password, guest network… etc) easy to access and setup. Obviously there is still an “advanced” mode for users who want total control over their router setup. Buffalo has mentioned the possibility of adding a parental control feature, but isn’t sure if this particular revision of the product will have it a final decision on the matter should come soon.

Additionally, Buffalo intends to release the WLI-U2-866D WiFi 11ac dongle which specifications indicate a maximum theoretical speed of 866Mbps in WiFi 11ac mode and 300Mbps in WiFi-N mode (dual-band). It’s pretty much similar to the Netgear A6200 dongle, except that it seems smaller.

Going forward, Buffalo also intends to add a Priority Control QoS (quality of service) that does the heavy lifting when it comes to prioritizing your network traffic. Just by activating it and opting for your preference (video, gaming, video-chat), the router can setup something that should help most users. Advanced users can also tweak every little detail.

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