[CES 2013] Buffalo knows that the biggest challenge facing the entire NAS (Network Attached Storage) industry is to figure out how to expand its market from network storage enthusiasts to folks that want network storage but without the administration hassle that is often associated to NAS. To be honest, I’m quite a NAS fan myself, but I don’t really care for opening ports or deal with NAT (network address translation) to make my NAS accessible from my tablet over the Internet.


To address that issue, BuffaloLink is a web-interface that will act as an intermediary between devices and the NAS device whether at home or over the public Internet. Thanks to this, users don’t have to worry about opening ports, or changing IP addresses, the NAS device keeps a connection with BuffaloLink and makes sure that valid networking settings are in place.

You can configure the NAS device remotely and tell it to download torrent files for example, or add a user so that a friend can upload a file that you need. That’s really a smart move because setup is really a barrier of entry in this category. We’re looking forward to seeing a live demo of the new web interface.

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