Dell has just announced a cloud connection device that has been codenamed Project Ophelia, where this solution intends to extend the value of cloud client computing, bringing it to the next level so that folks are able to better manage the increasing convergence of their work lives and personal lives thanks to the compact, portable device that you see above.


Not only does it give you access to secured professional assets, it also handles personal content via the cloud. A wee bit larger than the average USB flash drive, this ultra-compact multimedia-capable device that is called Dell Wyse “Project Ophelia” will let you transform any compatible TV or monitor into a functioning interactive personal display device, all without the need for a computer, tablet or smartphone in the vicinity, now how about that?

Built on Dell Wyse software technology that already sees action on millions of devices, Project Ophelia will turn ordinary displays into a window to entertainment, communications and your own personal cloud.

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