The folks at Facebook must be popping some champers at the moment, reveling in the moment where the world ushered in 2013 and bid adieu to 2012. Graph Search certainly had plenty of data to work on when Facebook users uploaded a record 1.1 billion photos throughout a time window of 48 hours which encompassed New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve. This is more than the triple the 300 million photos which were uploaded to Facebook on a “normal” day.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the 1.1 billion photos statistic, and the 1.1 billion additional photos would definitely increase Facebook’s collection of 240 billion photos prior that Mark Zuckerberg announced when he launched Graph Search earlier this Tuesday. Those crazy New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day photos that you uploaded are now indexed in Facebook’s new internal search engine. How many photos did you upload during your crazy December 31st, 2012 evening? Wait a minute here, do you even remember just what kind of party you attended, and what went on there, or did you wake up in a daze without remembering anything? Better use Graph Search to see what happened then lest you find yourself in some incriminating photos.

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