A self-correcting pen, now how about that for an educational tool? Apparently, the Lernstift is a writing instrument (which we would normally deem it as a pen) that will actually vibrate whenever the user makes a mistake. This does spell out its potential to be a decent tool for teachers who are having a tough time teaching their young charges just how to write. At the very least, the Lernstift pen would help teachers keep an eye on the kids’ writing even when the teacher in charge is unable to dispense with one-to-one instruction.

Basically, you can more or less call the Lernstift pen as a devoted friend who looks over your shoulder whenever you make a mistake, and if it had a voice, it would most probably say something along the lines of “Hold on! Something’s not quite right. Think again.” Just how does the Lernstift pen work? It uses sophisticated tech which recognizes all writing movements, where you can choose from either ‘Calligraphy Mode’ or ‘Orthography Mode’, where the former points out flaws in form and legibility, while the latter will figure out spelling and grammatical errors.

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