We’ve received the Microsoft Surface Pro at the office, and before we start working on the full review, we wanted to post a quick video and a photo gallery for those who want to see how the full-fledged Windows 8 tablet looks in the “real world”.

In the photo gallery, we’ve put the MS Surface Pro next to the Surface RT that we reviewed in October, so that you can see the difference in thickness. We’ve also shot a photo next to an iPad 3 which is about as thick as the Surface RT. The fact that the Surface Pro is a bit bulkier isn’t news, but it’s important to see it for yourself.

When holding it in the hand, it still feels like a tablet rather than a laptop, and if you are using a case for your iPad, chances are that the MS Surface Pro actually feels better in the hand. I’m been carrying my iPad in many trade shows, so I have a fair point of comparison, I think. Many of my friends in the industry also use iPad cases that are quite thick.

The final point that I can talk about quickly is how fast and responsive the Surface Pro is. Again, given that it uses a PC processor, it’s not completely surprising, but given that one the things we felt the Surface RT let us down on was the performance. The Surface Pro feels extremely fast for a tablet (perceptively faster than the Nexus 10 at first sight), and we’re looking forward to running some benchmarks to get some synthetic numbers.

Enjoy the video, gallery and keep an eye out for the full review!

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