Nokia Lumia owners who love their device but wish it was made of aluminum instead of its polycarbonate body may finally be able to pick up the Lumia of their dreams as rumor has it the company is planning exactly that for one if its Lumia Windows Phone devices later this year.

The rumor comes from sources familiar with Nokia’s plans for its Lumia Windows Phone devices that claims the company will be introducing at least one high-end device made with an aluminum construction. The device, which is codenamed Catwalk, will be much lighter and thinner than the current Lumia 920, which Catwalk is being designed to be its official successor. Seeing how popular the Lumia 920 has been, we’re expecting big things from Catwalk when it’s announced some time this year.

Catwalk at this point is expected to have much of the innards of the Lumia 920, although we’d hope there is at least some improvement over the Lumia 920 as the idea of buying the same phone with just an aluminum body doesn’t seem to excite us as much as the same phone with improved specs.

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