[CES 2013] NVIDIA is not quite done with their press conference just yet, and this time we are looking at the birth of Skynet. No, we’re kidding, it would be the rise of cloud computing, and over the course of time, the infrastructure cost has been lowered dramatically recently. Gamers do ask themselves how come cloud computing did not bring that much benefit in terms of gaming, but things look set to change with the introduction of NVIDIA Grid. Basically, the NVIDIA Grid is a rack that is packed full of GPUs, and has been equated to be roughly the equivalent of 700 Xbox 360s where processing power is concerned.


During the demonstration, it was shown that the user interface has been rendered in the cloud (similar to what Vudu offers), which is great since clients are then able to be ported in a jiffy. Some product pimpin’ was done where LG’s Smart TV saw the NVIDIA Grid client ported over, where the TV then ran games onver the cloud in a fluid manner. Granted, this is just a side-scroller, but it is impressive enough. Following that, an Android client that ran NVIDIA Grid showed the game where the gamer last left it, meaning the client’s hardware does not matter any more since all it does is stream data back and forth.

NVIDIA is working to grow their list of partners for the NVIDIA Grid system, and we do look forward to see how widespread NVIDIA Grid’s adoption rate would be.

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